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COIMBATORE: A hospital in Coimbatore has removed what could be the world’s heaviest ovarian cancer tumour from a 46-year-old woman from Ooty.

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Asia Book of Records News Article

Dr. K. Senthil Kumar Karuppusamy (born on May 19, 1970) of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India, along with 6 Doctors Team, have successfully removed,...

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Wonder Book of Record News Article

Medical profession is very sensitive and intellectual where human life is at risk. A successful effort of a doctor can save a life. Due to that, a doctor is known as 2nd God.

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Khaleej Times News Article

Doctors in India removed an ovarian tumour weighing 33.5 kg from a woman's body. Vasantha from Ooty noticed her stomach growing in size but ignored it as she did not feel any pain or discomfort initially.

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